The Reductionist

Let me read you a curious obituary I found some years ago in the local newspaper.

Jack Albright will be remembered by all his colleagues with admiration and respect. He was a talented engineer who graduated with honors from a renown school and held preeminent positions in different labs around the country.

He expend the last twenty years disassembling television sets and movie projectors, he created and exhaustive catalogue of transistors and gears, he owned an impressive collection of lenses and optical parts and authored the seminal treaty called "The physical properties of the cathode ray tube".

Jack's legacy is important and his work will be an inspiration for generations to come. It is unfortunate that after all his work on televisions and projectors, he was not able to answer the question that obsessed him throughout all his adult life: What was the ultimate nature of the relationship between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca?

Two days ago he was found hanging in the middle of his lab.