The Fireplace

Douglas had a perfect life, a big house, a beautiful family and a great job.

One rainy afternoon by his fireplace while having a Cognac, a newspaper article caught his attention. It described a drug so potent that one intravenous injection rendered its users into a state of total addiction and ecstasy. The very few who were able to quit destroyed their mouths requiring reconstructive surgery. Having damaged their veins, the addicts pulled their teeth out and injected directly into the open sockets, straight into the nerves near their brains.

Disturbed by the article, Douglas put the newspaper away and closed his eyes trying to think about something else.

He felt pain and touched his mouth realizing that most of his teeth were missing. He opened his eyes and looked around. He was lying in a stinky mattress surrounded by miserable beings, some or them sleeping, others screaming.

In horror he produced a grotesque sound and reached for the syringe. He felt the serum flowing throughout his being and closed his eyes in relief.

Douglas took the newspaper looking for the sports section and had a zip of his Cognac.