The Ancient Project

The Sun is dying; it’s been know by a selected few for thousands of years.

Ancient priests worshiped The Star for millennia and through their observation and measurements they realized that the ancient deity is in its last days. They predicted its patterns of motion and behavior which gave them power over the masses but this knowledge also revealed to them the ultimate truth. Here I will give testimony of the forbidden wisdom which has been revealed to me.

Light is the primordial generator of reality and it will ever remain unseen to us; it is our enabler of sight but in itself invisible. It manifests to us in an alchemical reaction which produces shadows that we call objects. Light is information and awareness codified into shapes. Its source is The Star, the omnipresent, all seeing and all powerful generator of life. Everything is a reflection of its mighty.

We are seeds of its radiance, we are its sons, and our awareness is its flame projected. Enlightenment is to become aware of these truths. These secrets have been passed from generation to generation, concealed in ancient symbols, monuments and rituals, preserved by the Inner Circle for those who have eyes to see.

Ever since this knowledge was attained by men, there’s been an attempt by the selected few to achieve immortality. Through the understanding that life in its highest form manifests as light, man has decoded the ultimate mystery. Equipped with this insight there has been an organized but concealed effort to transcend our limited and mortal condition and become a new Star.

We are arriving to a historical moment; the tilting point where we will become radiant like The Father. But we are running out of time, because He is dying; all the climatic disturbances we are witnessing are the unequivocal symptoms predicted by our ancestors of His death; a last burst of infinite radiance that will either spark the chain reaction that will ignite the new Star or will consume and destroy everything.

The millenary project is coming to its conclusion and the coordinated effort by the Inner Circle is about to reach the final stage. Technicians of all trades have been working around the world without knowing it to build the components of the gigantic mechanism that will interconnect consciousness and enable mankind to create the new Sun.

No one knows the whole plan; I was exposed to a glimpse of the master blueprint where I partially understood my role in it. The overall schema is arranged in a need to know basis were we work in limited, specialized tasks developing components which interlock with each other and produce an orchestrated result that not many are aware of.

Computers are being used all over the world to synthesize virtual proteins that can evolve faster that their biological counterparts; these virtual proteins are what we call programs. Efforts in all branches of knowledge are being taken to create the ultimate network which will create a radiant ring on the surface of the planet which will at last become the new Star.

As global temperature rises, water will evaporate and death and famine will threat our political structures. Force will have to be used to stop social unrest if necessary; otherwise the great project could be compromised. Previous efforts to complete the project have failed; the moon is one of them and if we are not careful this time, there is a high chance that we will suffer the same fate.