Le Goût shut down by Health Department. Chef Legrand wanted by Interpol.

The news that “Le Goût”, the restaurant named by Michelin as the best in the world for the last eight consecutive years, was closed by the department of health, and that Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for his master chef Pierre Legrand, has caused a wave of shock among the culinary world.
There was a one year waiting list to get a table at Le Goût, open only on Thursday evenings, and customers had to be prepared to spend five thousand euros on its pre-fix menu.
Two main factors contributed to the fame of the restaurant; its sublime and surreal tastes, as described by the best gastronomic critics, and the mystery and secrecy surrounding the culinary practices of Legrand.
It is well known that the chef used to lock himself inside the restaurant’s basement for hours and hours until he came out with the masterful creations that gave him renowned fame.
Legrand, a Parisian whose sense for taste had made him well known among Europe’s nobility, worked for twenty years as the personal executive chef for queen Elizabeth of England prior opening Le Goût.
After a long successful tenure commanding the royal kitchen, he was shamefully replaced by a young and creative chef-nouveaux from Napa Valley - California. Legrand went on a downwards spiral and ended up in a psychiatric facility diagnosed with chronic depression.
After his release, no one thought he would ever come back to the culinary scene, and even less that once again he would reach stardom fame as the creator of the most renowned restaurant in the world.
A week ago, one of the sous chefs at Le Goût sneaked into the basement and found the cookbook and ingredients of some of Legrand most famous dishes. In horror, he contacted the local authorities and the scandal took over Le Goût.
Here are some passages found in the chef’s personal cookbook:
“Ambra Grisea, the intestinal excretion produced by whales has a putrid odor that becomes a sweet, delicious fragrance as it ages. It has been highly regarded by perfumers around the world who have used it for many hundreds of years to fixate smells in the most delicate fragrances. They are willing to pay thousands of euros for a rancid pound”.
“I’ve been loyal to her majesty all these years, giving her my talent, devotion and soul, delighting her and her court with my art. After all of these time, is this how they treat me? I will make them pay, it is a good thing that I collected all those samples during these years of abnegate service…”
The samples he is referring are the nefarious ingredients used in the secret preparation of his masterpieces. They were all found in a temperature controlled room at the end of the basement, where he kept them in sterilized containers meticulously cataloged.
During all his years at her majesty’s service, chef Legrand had collected all sorts of body secretions from Europe’s nobility and celebrities of the international jet-set.
Here are some of the most notable samples in his perverse collection: Feces from her majesty, ounces of hair from the early days of Charles and Diana, sweat collected from a shirt worn by President Obama during a golf game at St. Andrews, semen from the Duke of York after he spent a night at one of her majesty’s properties, and blood samples of the Duchess of Cornwall collected from tampons during her premenopausal years.
Chef Legrand fled the country last night and his location is currently unknown. Prominent members of society who used to frequent the restaurant have declined to make any comments.