True Church

Souls can be eternally enslaved.
We lock the secret of their freedom in a cage
And hide it on plain sight in front of them.

We take what's good and pure,
We put it on a cross and ritually destroy it.
This blood sacrifice hangs in every temple,
The followers of our church,
Blinded, worship desecration.

In chains of ignorance they are held
Afraid to look inside themselves.
They come to us for guidance,
That's how we turn them into slaves.

We pretend we love their idol,
And on his name we kill and plunder.
Instead of forgiveness, kindness and honor,
We give them guilt, suffering and horror.

Green is the color of our curse,
When a brother fears another,
He distrusts and asks for money.

We consume the dark blood of their mother,
Our machines suck and burn it.
Our life will be her death.