The Eye in the Sky

We are light,
Mirrors are shadows,
Too Much light blinds,
When Shadows go away,
There’s only darkness, blindness.
To be born is to see.

Female is pure light,
She is the source, white.
Male is the darkness,
He is the mirror in which,
She is radiant shinning.

Both together are life,
A short circuit spark,
The orgasm, the big bang.

The mirror (darkness),
The male is cold.
Light (the female),
Is the Soul.

When they get together
He realizes,
That she is the sun
And he, blinded,
Sees the last moment
Of that Sun.

And together they realize
That he is temporal,
The shadow, the city,
The moment, darkness.
She is the light, perfection,
Eternal, blindness.

One day in the future,
In another life,
Again, each other they find,
And in pure happiness,
They reunite.

This is the dark secret,
Life is only a dream,
And only the ones awaking
Realize it.

One by one they are
Popped out of the trance,
By the fire of lightness.
He then goes blind
And awakens into darkness.

And in sadness he only remembers,
That he is mortal,
It was just a dream,
Pure madness.

Reason is form,
Structured and predictable.
Pure light is undefined,
And cannot be understood
By reason alone.

Man is form,
Casting its shadows on itself
And Female, light, life,
Is the soul, is the source.