The Eternal Game

Love and death, destroyers of duality,
At the end one and the same.
They are union, rest, and darkness.

Top and bottom of the wave,
The only moments of complete rest,
Where one starts, the other ends.
From one side we call it death
And from the other birth.

Life is polarity, movement and lightness.
At any price trying to avoid death,
Fear drives life until the end.

But opposites define and need each other,
Apart they are incomplete and struggle,
United they are everything, they are nothing.

And so, this is the eternal ping pong game,
A mirror vibrating, looking at itself.
A dance of lights and shadows chasing each other,
Some times as enemies, some times as lovers.

When they finally decide to come together
Their bouncing game heats up,
And the flipping between white and black goes so fast
That at the end, exhausted,
In a radiant burst of light they become one.

As this ritual of life and death fades,
The beauty of the light is so great,
That tears will come everywhere.
And we will realize what is about to end
In sorrow, sadness and regret.

A tired sunset in the west
Will shine a final ray of light
Then everything will night,
And in ethereal peace we’ll rest.

Then another cycle will start,
And a purified and innocent one
From the ashes will rise.