Who am I?

Am I Jose? My name is just a concept, a word, a behavior, a spark in the mind of others when they see me, a sound, a reflex in their tongue, and a vibration in their vocal cords.

Am I my body? Isn’t my body the food I eat shaped by the metabolic processes of my cells? I am fruits and meats and cereals and the air I breathe. And what are those fruits? They are the soil and water and the rays of the sun and the seeds they came from and the trees that grew those seeds. Hence I am those trees and the worms and the sun. I am my ancestors, my family, the city and the forest.

Am I my memories? If so, I am the interactions with my friends and my daughters and my family and my enemies. But if I am all of them, they are me as well.

And where will I go when I die? If I am all that, I will never die, because I am the whole universe and the universe is I.