Tonight, this world of mountains and cities and countries and stars and the sun, land of history, of war and love, place of my childhood, of my parents, my wife, my daughters and my work, will disappear.

I will go to bed, turn the lights off and close my eyes; minutes later I will start hearing sounds and voices of familiar people and strangers.

I will then see lights and colors and shapes that will become more and more vibrant as the night advances and the solidity of reality will slowly dissolve until it will become completely forgotten.

I will be standing in a strange and foreign place. Thinking about it now, that place is terrifying, but at that moment it will be as familiar, real and absolute as this moment is and I will be incapable of doubting its reality in the same way I can't question the reality of the present.

In the morning I will wake up and today will have become a tenuous memory, an immaterial and fragile ghost that will eventually fade away, just like tonight’s dream.