The City

When I walk down the streets they happen paused and momentarily; they show up as I advance through them. The encounter with each corner unveils new possible futures. The intersections create the possibility to choose and therefore free will. The city happens in time, one street after another, a store, a building, a tree and then a hydrant. Such is my life, an eternal occurrence of presents.

Something that I never expected has happen; I have seen the city from above, now the streets don't go by, they simply are. Linear time has collapsed; everything is happening at once, intersections do not present possibilities any longer. The city is not a thousand scattered streets anymore, it has become a harmonious unity.

Nothing in particular is relevant but all parts complement each other like a jigsaw puzzle where every piece makes sense and occupies its natural place. Wholeness is the aggregate of all the individual selves, a symphony where every chord interplays with all the other to create a master piece.

The physical appearance of the city has changed as well. The elongated streets where everything converges into a point on the horizon look different from the air; everything looks like a gigantic network where the streets show all at once, full of life but at the same time static. What seemed to be frantic movement from the ground now looks like sparkles of light and slow predictable motions.

I am back once again on the streets; such is my condition. Everything looks the same as before, however everything has changed forever.