Surviving Awakening

The only thing that survives awakening is the first person point of view. When it happens the universe collapses; its objects, other consciousness and situations evaporate into nothing but you are still there, untouched by such destruction; not even your body survives, that too is gone with the dream; it is the first person point of view what persists.

It is strange that our point of view is privileged in such way; among all beings in reality, the only one we percive like that is the one we call ourselves. We can imagine an infinite number of others, but just one I; curiously, such I is the only one that survives awakening.

When we wake up from a dream our culture lead us to thing that it was unreal and that we created it; we believe it was just a hallucination. It is very curious that we create our own deception; we have no control of the happenings in dream land; we never know what will happen next, how situations will evolve, how others will react. We are not even aware that we are dreaming.

The awaken state is exactly the same as the dream state but we only confer reality to the former. The present is always real; it is just in retrospective that we question its reality.