We dance at the beat of the stars; we form choreographies ruled by the passage of day and night: we sleep, we wakeup, we eat, we work, we get tired, we sleep, we wakeup…

Every cycle is slightly different than the previous one; this iteration “rimes” with the next one. Like a good tune, it is at the same time predictable and surprising.

Tomorrow will be very much like today: I will sleep in the same bed, eat in the same room, I’ll take the same route to my office and I’ll work in the same building; however, nothing will be identical to today: I’ll sleep in a different position, I’ll eat a different meal, I’ll encounter different people on my way to work and there will be a new base with flowers in my office.

As cycles occur, changes will accumulate and differences will increase. One day in the future, I’ll live in a different house and I’ll have another job… Further in the future, there will be less commonality with today and only more basic patterns, those with lower frequencies, will remain.

At larger temporal scales, similar dances proceed: birth, growth, reproduction, death, birth… I share patterns with my father, but less with my grandfather and even less with my great grandfather. At greater temporal scales, recognizable patterns are common characteristics of my species: standing position, language…

Reality can be seen as a polyphonic symphony where patterns of different modulations and frequencies interact and interfere with each other creating novel rhythms that evolve through time. Every object and being, like instruments in a band, plays with its characteristic sound a different voice in the symphony.