Personas and Crystals

No matter how hard we look, we will never see ourselves; all we will ever see is our refection on others and all we will ever see from others is that reflection of us. In that sense, the distinction between us and others is illusory.

Our life is an endeavor to see ourselves; we try to accomplish it by creating personas we use to interact with others; others do the same and create personas to interact with us. What we get from them is the persona they created as a reaction to the persona we presented to them.

The creation of personas is an expression of our anguish for not being able to see ourselves; they are a projection of our suffering.

People are vibrating crystals that react with each other’s presence and start oscillating, creating an interference pattern which is what we call “relationships”. Interference patterns are constructive or destructive, which reinforces or weakens the participants in the relationship.

Newborns are pure crystals with weak vibrations; as they grow up and interfere with others, they collect impurities and gain strength. That will determine the kinds of personas they will project into others.

Due to the fact that we have stronger vibrations than children, when we interact with them we modulate them and they will start oscillating in ways similar to ours. In that manner our pattern is transferred to children and gets propagated across generations; this is what is called reincarnation. Our “suffering” (our personas) is what is transmitted in this process; that is our karma.

The task of all mystics has been to try to stop the transmission of suffering into new generations. That is what is behind the four noble truths of Buddhism or the words of Jesus:

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." -- Matthew 19:14