Night and Sleep

The immense darkness in which we get submerged when we closed our eyes and go to sleep is just another perspective of the immense, dark and deep celestial dome that appears when the night comes.

The stars are stars and at the same time they are dreams. They are emanations of light that create islands in the darkness where we arrive when we sleep.

Given our proximity to the sun, under its presence, all other dreams are dwarfed and become invisible. When the night comes the light of the sun disappears and we can presence other tenuous and distant celestial bodies.

We are crystals that vibrate with light. We call those vibrations reality/dreams.

If we go in our vehicle listening at the radio and are near to the radio station, the signal is clear. As we move away from the station and start approaching a second station transmitting in the same frequency, we will come to a point where both stations will began to interfere with each other. This it is the threshold of the dream; that moment when we start hallucinating but we are still conscientious. We heard sounds, voices and we see images. As we approached the second station, the first will vanish until it completely disappears.