John and Linda

Once upon a time there were two very poor kids called John and Linda who lived in a miserable neighborhood. Their father had lost his job due to the economic crisis and he had no money to buy food. John and Linda went to bed every night without eating.

One day John and Linda went out to play, walked far from their home and got lost. They saw a beautiful mansion and realized that the door was open and decided to go inside.

All of the sudden, a big guy closed the door and locked it; he was a serial killer, sadist, pedophile and cannibal.

He kidnapped the kids, enslaved Linda, locked John in a little cage and fattened him up in order to eat him.

Right before he accomplished his plan John and Linda managed to murder the big guy by burning him alive and then proceeded to steal his fortune and escaped. They became rich and lived happily ever after.

At an early age our parents tell us cute bed time stories, then they proceed to turn of the lights and close the door of our rooms so we can have peaceful nights of sleep. Our vivid imaginations at early ages create horrendous nightmares every night for no apparent reason.

When we grow up, all these incidents are forgotten, but they create scars deep in our minds. From then on, the media will retell those stories every night at the 8 pm news, and they will awake the horrors of the night that are dormant in our subconscious and we will be willing to give up our freedom and rights in order to be saved from the imaginary monsters and shadows of our childhood.