I question what this is all about, my ignorance about my nature, origins and future is absolute.

I have no answers for these, the most fundamental questions, and my society ignores or evades them and makes me feel foreign and strange for asking them.

What sense does it make to be in this world, to age, to go to work every day, to see my parents aging and my daughters growing? What for?

I have no answers. I can't imagine them but at the same time I can't conceive that there are no answers.

The best explanation others have given so far is that this is just a senseless accident... How pathetic, poor and empty. I refuse to take it as an explanation because it doesn't explain anything.

Why did I commit my daughters to endure the same faith? All the suffering during their lives will be in a way my creation. What for?

Every time they come to me looking for guidance and ask in their own terms the same questions I am asking I will have no answers for them.

I can lie and tell them the same fairy tales I heard when I was a kid but sooner or later they will realize that I am as lost as they are.