I live in fear, my friends live in fear, my society lives in fear, I live in a culture of fear, in a world of fear.

I’m afraid of the future, I’m afraid of death.

I look around and everything is spinning downwards in a spiral towards extinction and darkness. Every day that goes by, I’m older and my loved ones are closer to their death. When people tell me they are not afraid of death, they are just not thinking about the death of their children.

Kids wear helmets to ride bikes with side-wheels; it has become dangerous to climb into trees.

Everything is now unhealthy, everything makes you sick. People run and run in the same place, trying to avoid their heart attack.

Women stand in front of a mirror and contemplate with horror the passage of time and try to hide it behind make-up and surgeries.

We put the old ones in geriatric homes, they are a painful reminder of our destiny.

The atmosphere is becoming poisonous, the bees are disappearing, the poles are melting, and our social structures are collapsing. I live in fear, in a world without hope.

Faith is the ultimate expression of fear, denial of the inevitable. It is a childish attempt to recover what we lost forever from our childhood.

I see my daughters and bless them; they still are in the garden of the giants. They haven’t tasted the poisonous fruit that will enable them to behold their own mortality.

They ask me innocent and infinitely difficult questions without realizing my ignorance.

They are still afraid of darkness and when I’m with them I pretend that I am not. But the truth is that I still am. I live in fear. I and my friends still do.