The MBA’s 10 easy steps for creating a Company

1. Create a hierarchical Organizational Chart for your company. Make sure your name appears in the top node of the chart.

2. Fill all the CXO positions of your company among friends and family.

3. Create stock shares for your company and make sure you own the majority of them.

4. Organize a stock options plan for your employees to give them a sense of ownership.

5. Get a name for your company and make sure it ends with the word “Corp”.

6. Make business cards for you and the other company officials, make sure your three letter titles are printed in a bold font.

7. Rent a spacious office space and make sure you get the corner office.

8. Buy the furniture for the office. Make sure you get the reclinable leather chair.

9. Make the corporate website. Make sure that the name of your business school and your picture appear in the corporate officials section.

10. Find a product or service that your company could provide.