Cosmic clairvoyance

When we look at the sky, we are looking at the history of the universe. Our present is the interference of waves from the past, signals that come from all corners of the universe. They are traveling at the speed of light and therefore it takes them time to arrive here.

Entanglement is a phenomenon that causes particles that interacted in the past to react instantaneously today; if one particle is affected in certain way that will cause an instantaneous reaction on its entangled pair.

Imagine that we are looking at a distant star; let’s say 4 light years away from earth. It means that the image we see of that start has been traveling through space for the last 4 years, therefore it is four years old.

Suppose there is life on that star and they can communicate to us by interacting with particles that are entangled with particles on earth. The messages they sent are instantaneous. If they tell us about their present the visible effects of what they are telling us will arrive in four years. They are predicting what we will see four years from now.