Color bracelets

I am sitting in a bar waiting for some friends who are stuck in traffic somewhere in midtown. I drink from my beer and observe the crowd around me; I notice that many people there are wearing colorful wrist bands.

Do they do it as a fashion statement, or are they really concerned and believe that their act of generosity (which they want all of us to be aware of) will really cure cancer?

There are ribbons, bracelets, posters, marches, marathons, personalities, dinners, foundations and corporate sponsorships to collect money to research a cure for cancer. Cancer organizations are political centers; self replicating organisms that want to propagate and reach as many people as possible – funny how they mimic their disease.

Cancer is a socio-behavioral phenomenon, the result of our interactions with our surroundings, our lifestyles and our mechanisms of production. It is a consequence of our socio-economical practices and it can’t be cured without modifying the practices themselves.

The belief that we can organize and rally behind some rubber bands and cure cancer is part of the problem; it shows that the real nature of the disease is not recognized. Any outcome of those well intentioned rallies will inevitably fall within the domain of the socio-economic system where they were generated and will only intensify the human activities that caused the problem on the first place.