Canned Events

A birthday party can be seen as a two hours industrial process. It can be described as a succession of tasks: activity one, activity two with recreation coach, opening of presents, ingestion of food, birthday song and cake, a piece of memorabilia for all the kids and departure. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Customizations and a rich variety of options is offered to suit the needs and social demands of the parents who can film the whole event and have endless hours of happy memories in years to come.

Magician, ventriloquist, singing princess and puppets are always a success. Pizza, hot dogs, chicken fingers and other delicacies are among the favorites in the gastronomic repertoire. The cake can be vanilla, chocolate or strawberry; ice cream is also available for a reasonable extra amount. An infinite selection of plastic souvenirs makes the perfect memory of the celebration.

We are told we live in a service economy, in reality it is still an industrial economy, what has change is the raw material processed by our industries. Costs are lower when no heavy machinery is required to sell us the second class musicians, the junk food and the useless Chinese toys.

Fast food restaurants, weddings, funerals and their awesome selection of caskets, education with its curriculum and grading system, health and their insurance plans and prepaid drugs; the industrial variety covers all the spectrum of our activities.

We have become the stuff that moves through the production lines of our factories.