Buried Garbage

Our way of living insulates us from the consequences of our acts. We are not aware of the effects of our doings and we are encouraged to believe that such effects do not exist or at least, that they are not related to our actions.

Our ignorance is perfectly portrayed in the way we handle the unwanted consequence of our consumption; we bury our garbage away from our sight and we pretend it never existed.

We want to be skinny and eat more, we want red meat and low cholesterol, high wages and cheap products, big cars and low pollution, adventure and no risk... In our effort to achieve these unattainable goals we have created and endless list of products; decaffeinated coffee, smokeless cigarettes, fat-free oils, sugarless sweeteners, useless diets, the Adventure Kingdom, CO2 sequestration...

Our fractured view of reality explains why our behavior is invariably brute force.

The fundations of our medicine are poisoning and mutilation; our agriculture depletes the soil from its nutrients and erodes the land; the way we solve political differences is through violence.

We use energy in the most inefficient way possible; we create explosions where huge amounts of energy are released and we capture a minuscule percentage of it; the rest is dicipated as wasted heat. We could say that the engines we have created are big heaters wich move machines as a minor side effect .

Our obsession with control and the lack of a vision harmonious with the fact that all aspects of reality are intimately interconnected, result in a countless amount of unintended and unforeseen consequences which at the end bring us exactly the opposite of what we wanted.

The result of using antibiotics and pesticides is the creation of diseases and plagues resistant to our antibiotics and pesticides.

In our endeavor to create perfect oranges, all we have accomplished is to destroy them; by cloning the same seedless, sweet, bright, large and perfectly round fruit and not giving a chance to the little green and bitter ones, it is just a matter of time before a disease shows up which has same taste for oranges we do and we will have a plague that will exterminate our morning beverage.

When things go wrong, we waste our time and resources trying to change them by force and violence or we blame others. What we never do is to stop for a moment and question if the garbage we buried yesterday has anything to do with our concerns of today; in that manner we perpetuate our behavior which is the real cause of our problems.