Behind every play where characters are archetypes of virtue, there is a dressing room where actors cover their imperfections with makeup, cry in solitude or mistreat their hairdressers in explosions of arrogance and anxiety.

Behind every model walking on a runway there is anorexia, struggle with drugs, a future failed attempt to look eternally juvenile and schedules for plastic surgeries.

Behind every sports car there is a dirty engine, an oil change, a flat tire or an accident in a road.

Behind every sky scraper, every corporate meeting room, there is a trail of prostitution, bribery, crime, scandals and exploitation.

Behind every restaurant, every delicious gourmet dish, there is a murder and a garbage bin full with stinky leftovers being devoured by maggots.

Behind every event in life there are multiple faces but we choose to see only one of them and try to hide the others. Understanding comes from acknowledging the inseparable nature of the whole. The head in a coin can�t be torn away from its tail.

Our ignorance or denial of the causal processes below the surface of reality blur our understanding and impair our judgment and ability to act wisely.